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Kym Wilson, Felix Martinsson, Lily Richards, Claire Birmingham, and Hector Moss
Myles Yaksich
18 Mins.

 "Erin" Shooting for Summer World Premiere  
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Erin is the second short film from writer/director Myles Yaksich, a period piece set in 60's academia and centered around an introverted, workaholic aeronautical engineering student named David (Felix Martinsson, Chase), whose obsessive work tendencies are interrupted when he finds a university application apparently lost by a young woman and aspiring journalist from London named Erin (Lily Richards, web series Twenty). Writing to his new "friend" to assure her that he will get the application where it needs to go, David begins a correspondence with Erin and enters a strange new world with a young woman who is vastly different from the shy, bookish David. As David's fantasies of a relationship with Erin grow, Erin the film gives us twists and turns and finally David is faced with the realization that he must choose between continuing fantasy or accepting reality. 

The up-and-coming Yaksich has crafted yet another fine short film, beautifully photographed by Dylan Chapgier and scored by Nicholas Pike, both collaborating with Yaksich for the second time. Yaksich nicely creates that 60's academia vibe, while the film's ensemble cast convincingly brings to life Yaksich's insightful, engaging dialogue. The film is perhaps a bit less emotionally resonant than one might hope for given the material, but this is a modest quibble given the fine work by Felix Martinsson as David, Lily Richards as Erin, and also Kym Wilson (Flirting, Brides of Christ) as Professor Durn. 

Erin is shooting for a summer 2019 world premiere yet to be determined, though the film has already picked up several prizes in IMDB's Independent Shorts Awards and L.A.'s Global Shorts. The awards are a solid indicator that Yaksich has crafted himself yet another winner of a short film and should expect yet another lengthy and successful festival run once everything kicks off. 

For more information on Erin, visit the film's official website linked to in the credits and be sure to watch for it at an indie fest near you. 

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic