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Eric Elizaga, Yu Chen, and Tracy Ju
Howie Lam
13 Mins.


 "Fade" Continues on the Indie Fest Circuit 
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Set in a desolate New York City, writer/director Howie Lam's 13-minute short film Fade shares the story of Mackenzie (Eric Elizaga), a a man facing the reality of his life and relationship when his daily routine is disrupted. 

Winner of the prize for Best Experimental Short Film at the Short to the Point International Film Festival, Fade is a poetic film that is beautiful to behold as lensed by Daniel McKeown with a warm romanticism that permeates every frame of the film and gently guides us along our journey with Mackenzie. The film, which is early in its festival run, is practically a meditation unto itself with Elizaga's performance one of reflection, longing and inner exploration. 

The escalator shots in Fade, along with others, are mesmerizing and perfectly brought to life alongside original music by Reggie Ba-Pe III. At a mere 13 minutes in running time, Fade moves quickly yet never feels like it's moving quickly. It's a gentle film, you could say a fade really, as we encounter the life and the choices that Elizaga's Mackenzie is forced to meet face-to-face. Also an official selection of the Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, Fade is the kind of film where it's the images that stay with you rather than the words long after the closing credits have rolled. 

There isn't much more to really say about Fade, though this is truly a good thing as the film speaks for itself and is a film that begs to be seen rather than simply described. As the film is early in its festival journey, if you get a chance please do treat yourself and give it a view. 

© Written by Richard Propes
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