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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
David Alapont, Luis Briceno
Vocal Work by
Michel Aymard, Julie Durand, Jean-Francoise Gallotte
Running Time
13 Mins.

 "Fard" Review 
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This 13-minute French short film is one of the more stylish films showing in the 2010 HollyShorts Film Festival, an animated flick blending a classic, muted color palette with a sort of neo-futuristic architecture, minimal dialogue and a sci-fi subject matter that is accessible to both children and adults as evidenced by its extensive festival run in settings as diverse as New York's International Children's Film Festival, HollyShorts and numerous other festivals around the world.

While the film's minimal dialogue is in French, co-directors David Alapont and Luis Briceno have so beautifully animated and constructed the film that it is relatively simple to follow the film even without the benefit of the spoken word.  The film explores, in the tradition of numerous other sci-fi films, the presence of future, fabricated lives and those who rebel against it. The result is a film that is visually breathtaking and awesome to behold.