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Will Rhodes, Elizabeth Stenson, Jennifer Bowman, Alix Liiv, Lukas Schooler, Danny King, Joshua Ludlow, and Matt Proctor
Meg Pinsonneault
14 Mins.


 "Feast of the Foolish" a Dark, Stylish Period Short 

Feast of the Foolish is a remarkably stylish and dark period piece centered around a Depression Era outlaw (Will Rhodes) who seeks answers about his future from a dark enchantress (Elizabeth Stenson). Unfortunately for him, it's really his past with which he should be concerned.

Already proving to be wildly popular on the film fest circuit, Feast of the Foolish has been an official selection at HollyShorts, Female Eye Film Festival, First Glance Film Festival, The International Indie Gathering and Go NORTH Film Festival will several other festival appearances on the horizon. Of its festival appearances so far, Feast of the Foolish has picked up prizes at First Glance (Best Short Thriller), Female Eye (Nominated for Best Short Film) and The International Indie Gathering (Third Place, Best Short Thriller).

Written and directed by Meg Pinsonneault, Feast of the Foolish starts off intriguingly with our outlaw escaping from a grocery store heist and suddenly finding himself in a desert surrounded by a group of gypsies. The gypsies lead him to an enchantress, Nora (Stenson), whose entire being suggests that all is not well within the outlaw's past and it is the past that may determine his future.

Feast of the Foolish is beautifully photographed by John Honore, who capitalizes on the film's Joshua Tree setting by lensing the film with an almost rainbow aura that surrounds the darkness inside. Production quality is top notch across the board, with stellar costume design from Corina Spadoni and excellent work by art director Daisy Mullen. The film was funded through Indiegogo, and those who supported the film should be excited to have supported such an incredibly well put together project.

At a mere 14 minute running time, Feast of the Foolish makes you want to spend more time with these characters. In particular, Elizabeth Stenson and Will Rhodes do a terrific job of conveying anxiety, suspense and uncertainty as the stories of their characters unfold.

For more information on Feast of the Foolish, visit the film's website or Facebook page listed in the credits to the left.

© Written by Richard Propes
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