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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Danny Grossman
Danny Grossman, Elissa Dyann
Running Time
8 Mins.

 "Finding Space" Review 
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Yet another short film from our friends at the Socal Film Group, "Finding Space" is a simple, yet stunning 8-minute short film written, directed by and co-starring Danny Grossman.
In the film, David and Madison (Grossman and Elisa Dyann) are celebrating an anniversary...David offers Madison a trip to the mall to get whatever she wants ON ONE CONDITION- They must have the conversation about a topic she's been refusing to discuss. As they find themselves unable to find a parking space, their conversation becomes increasingly intense until words are shared that will change their lives forever.
Having acted together previously in the Socal short "My Life in Subtitles," Grossman and Dyann exhibit a marvelous, natural chemistry that adds significant depth to what could have easily felt like an awkward, forced 8-minute short. Instead, their natural chemistry creates a believability that makes "Finding Space" an unforgettable emotional experience.
Both Grossman and Dyann offer tremendous performances, and Grossman's dialogue is authentic and natural, while the straightforward production design perfectly complements the simplicity of the story and makes its evolution even more powerful.