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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
James Demo
John Savage, Amanda Plummer, Karen Black, Vanessa Long, Thomas McKenna
Running Time
14 Mins.

 "First Time Long Time" Review 
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This 14-minute comedy short features a reunited John Savage and Amanda Plummer ("Cattle Annie and Little Britches") in a delightful and funny spin on every man's nightmare and fantasy all rolled into one.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took too much of an erectile dysfunction medication?

Oh, c'mon. Surely, I'm not the only one?

Okay, maybe.

Either way, that's what happens with Peter (John Savage) when he takes matters into his own hands, not literally, in an effort to satisfy Maggie (Amanda Plummer). While the medication works, too much is not a good thing and Peter ends up with a rousing case of Priapism and in the emergency room with Dr. Shneidel (Karen Black), whose dark humor isn't exactly what the doctor ordered.

When Dr. Schneidel can't solve Peter's peter dilemma, she refers him to a specialist but not before he has to pull off a career-defining presentation in this rather aroused state.

While it's nice to see this trio of Hollywood faves back in action again, "First Time Long Time" is more giggle-inducing than actually funny and Savage is such a solid actor that it's difficult to watch him in this experience without actually feeling a bit sorry for the guy. Of the three leads, Karen Black seemingly has the most fun and the film sags when she's not onscreen.

Writer/director James Demo utilizes graphics for scene transitions, an effect that mostly distracts from the far more interesting characters in the film. Matt Garrett's cinematography is fine, though Karen Black's costuming and make-up is more cartoonish than humorous and that godawful lipstick is downright distracting.

If only for the sight of three Hollywood performers who aren't seen nearly enough these days, "First Time Long Time" is worth a view. A strong script and a bit more levity and "First Time Long Time"
may have actually had Hollywood back knocking on the doors for these fine actors.