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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Jarrett Lee Conaway
Jason Stoll, Angela Sarafyan, Guerin Barry
Running Time
5 Mins.

 "Foolishly Seeking True Love" Review 
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Handsome (Jason Stoll) and Belle (Angela Sarafyan) just might fall in love ... if fate doesn't get in the way.

This 5-minute short from writer/director Jarrett Lee Conaway unites, or at least tries to unite, two quirky individuals whose path to love seems to always lead to a brick wall.

Handsome is not.  He is, however, a renaissance young man of sorts with style, a certain degree of charisma and a classic sensibility that would make him most certainly popular with the ladies if he were, in fact, handsome.

Belle? She's just a tad unusual, speaking French (not well!) with great passion but, for the most part, managing to be at least modestly disconnected from the world that surrounds her.

Can these two find each other? Will they know what to do if they do?

According to the Narrator (Guerin Barry), there's not a chance. According to Handsome, there's always a chance.

A sweet, lightly comical wanna be love story featuring two interesting characters,  Foolishly Seeking True Love is about what happens when two people decide to step over fate and reach out to one another.