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The Independent Critic

Jelmar Hufen
Running Time
11 Mins.
Tom Schild, Pauline Winckel, Ruben van den Besselaar, Aidan Vernee, Merijn van Heiningen
 "For a Few Marbles More" Review 
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In this award-winning short from The Netherlands, four 10-year-olds have their playground taken over by a couple of adult bullies. When their parents refuse to help, the four enlist their own neighborhood bully to help them fight back...all he asks in return? A few marbles and coffee, black.
Backed by Aage Hollander's beautiful cinematography, writer/director Jelmar Hufen has fashioned a film that both stylishly and intelligently pays tribute to the resilience and creativity of children. The ensemble cast is uniformly strong, occasionally evoking the spirit and mischievous spirit of "Stand By Me" in the way they come together to protect what is theirs.
Maarten Spruijt's musical score serves as a perfect complement to the adventure, while Femke Hoebe's production design brings a universality to the adventure that points brings to mind the idea that such adventures are going on at playgrounds from Berlin to New York City and every place in between.
A favorite at children's film festivals nationwide, "For a Few Marbles More" is a stellar debut from Dutch filmmaker Jelmar Hufen.