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Jerzy Stuhr, Malgorzata Zajaczkowska, Roma Gasiorowska, Barbara Kaluzna, Maciej Stuhr
Jerzy Stuhr
Jerzy Stuhr, Mieczyslaw Herba
96 Mins.
Facets Video (DVD)
Polish w/English Subtitles

 "Forecast for Tomorrow" Review 
A man, Jozef (Jerzy Stuhr), having left his family 17 years earlier to join a monastery, rejoins the real world and the family he left behind. While this sounds like the makings of a fine drama, instead it is quite the comedy from Polish filmmaker Jerzy Stuhr, whose works are receiving digital remastering and fine packaging from the wonderful folks at Facets Home Video.

First released in 2003, Forecast for Tomorrow (Pogoda Na Jutro) possesses Stuhr's gift for expressing a sort of everyman that comes to life through his inspired, entertaining works. While Forecast for Tomorrow certainly isn't my favorite of Stuhr's films, it is yet another fine work that only reaffirms why Facets is devoting so much time and energy to him.

Forecast For Tomorrow was quite popular on the international film festival circuit throughout 2003-2004, and was nominated for three Polish Film Awards in 2004 including for Stuhr's leading performance as an actor. The film captured a FIPRESCI Prize in 2004, as well.

While Forecast for Tomorrow is a comedy, it is a serious-minded comedy that lightly yet truly examines the monastery into which Jozef poured himself and the family to which he is returned after he is discovered by his family. The family to which Jozef returns is a crumbling unit, with his younger daughter dealing drugs, his eldest daughter stripping on a reality show and his son working for a crooked politician.

Only in Polish cinema could such dramatic storylines be presented with such heart and humor, and among Polish filmmakers Stuhr has been among this generation's best.

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© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic