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Elisabeth Felchner, Karin Heske, Renate Kasche, Carl Mohner
Erwin C. Dietrich
Karl-Heinz Helms Liesenhoff, Erwin C. Dietrich
NR (Equiv. to "R")
81 Mins.
Cheezy Flicks (DVD)
Intermission; Cheezy Flicks Previews

 "Frauleins in Uniform" Review 
Perhaps best known under the name She-Devils of the SS, Frauleins in Uniform is perfect cinematic fodder for those wonderfully crazy folks at Cheezy Flicks, purveyors of all the movies so bad you can't help but love 'em.

The film takes place in the final days of World War II, women are volunteering from all over Germany to serve in the front lines "serving" Nazi soldiers by having sex and, of course, improving soldier morale. When they start having sex with each other AND the Soviet army shows up, things get really complicated.

Frauleins in Uniform is textbook softcore exploitation, with an abundance of frequently undressed attractive women going through the motions for having sex but never actually appearing to be doing so. A Swiss production made for German audiences, Frauleins in Uniform is so badly dubbed that half the fun of the film is turning down the volume and trying to figure out exactly what they're saying.

Trust me. It doesn't work.

I'd love to tell you that Frauleins in Uniform is sexy, but it's really not. In fact, seldom has it ever been said that so much nudity is so incredibly bland. There are modest attempts at plot, but director Erwin C. Dietrich seems quite clear that this ain't nothing but an exploitation flick.

Dietrich produced his first film in 1955 and was still going up until 2000 with Secret Society. Only diehard B-movie fans will recognize any of his titles, such as Killer Condom and Wanda, The Wicked Warden.

Frauleins in Uniform
is certainly a must own for anyone who fancies themselves a fan of the Nazi exploitation flicks, of which there are quite a few, and B-movie fans will certainly find things to appreciate here (On average, two things per woman). You can pick up the film for a mere $6.99 on DVD at the Cheezy Flicks website.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic