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Mark Grenier, Timothy J. Cox, Thea McCartan
Daniel Lofaso
Phoebe Torres


 "Gary From Accounting" an Entertaining Short Film  
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Gary (Mark Grenier), the one from accounting, is a mild-mannered guy who is unexpected invited to an after work event for which there has been no offered explanation. When he arrives and lets himself into the home, he's quickly drawn into a surprise intervention for Nathan (Timothy J. Cox) organized by Hannah (Thea McCarten) and Belle (Jake Lipman). 

Comedy ensues. 

A breezy five-minute comedy short written by Phoebe Torres and directed by Daniel Lofaso, Gary From Accounting is a familiar but amusing short film that rises on the strength of its ensemble cast including Timothy J. Cox, a frequent face in indie shorts whose ability to run the gamut from vulnerable sincerity to righteous rage is put on full display here as he largely ignores the pleas of his wife, Hannah, but finds himself genuinely moved by the rather fundamental observations of a fairly befuddled Gary, a co-worker of his but not the Gary that Hannah had intended to invite. 

At just over five minutes in running time, Gary From Acccounting doesn't attempt to discover a whole lot of new territory but travels familiar roads in a way that feels fresh and is quite funny. Grenier's Gary has hints of Office Space's Milton and his chemistry with Cox is part of the film's true delight. Both McCarten and Lipman shine in supporting, yet crucial, roles. 

To say much more would likely give all the fun away, but suffice it to say that Gary From Accounting is definitely worth a view if you get a a chance. 

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic