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The Independent Critic

Written & Directed by
Patrick Rea
Brad Meehan, Katherine McNamara, Andrea Strickler, Jennifer Plas
Running Time
13 Mins.

 "Get Off My Porch" Review 
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Once in awhile, a short film makes you go "WOW!"

Writer/Director Patrick Rea's Get Off My Short is a "WOW!" short, a film so delightfully full of sick, twisted, demented and hilariously awful moments that you find yourself at the end of its 13-minute run time going "Wow, that was freaking awesome."

Having just played at the New York City Horror Film Festival this past weekend, Get Off My Porch is an official selection this coming weekend, November 19-21, for Bloomington, Indiana's Dark Carnival Film Festival, where that town's college crowd should absolutely adore this perfect blend horror, thrills, humor and "Adventure Girl" cookies.

Neil (Brad Meehan) is a married guy lounging around on a Saturday afternoon watching college football, when suddenly he gets one of THOSE knocks on the door.

She's cute. She's perky. She's an "Adventure Girl" and she wants to sell him a box of cookies.

It would be a shame to reveal any additional tidbits from this delirious and wonderfully constructed short film, a film written to perfect by Rea with simple yet spot-on dialogue and an ensemble cast that nails it perfectly including Meehan's increasingly perturbed and disturbed Neil, Jennifer Plas as his wife and, well, those gosh darn adorable 'Adventure Girls," Mary (Katherine McNamara) and Cindy (Andrea Strickler), both of whom look like they could be Cindy Brady after an acid trip.

D.P. Hanuman Brown-Eagle's camera work is stellar, avoiding gimmicks and focusing squarely on the ever changing characters. Harry Manfredini serves up a delicious original score that complements the spiraling scenario quite nicely, and Rea again proves himself able to perfectly blend his multi-layered characters. Ryan S. Jones creates simple yet effective special effects that accentuate the film without taking the focus away from the characters.

The mark of a four-star short film is a film that blends great acting, a solid script, consistent direction and technical excellence while simultaneously leaving you wanting more AND yet playing out perfectly within its shorter run time. Get Off My Porch is such a film, a film after which you find yourself saying "That was a great film" while also thinking to yourself "I'd really like to see those characters again."

Or maybe I just wanted to buy another box of cookies.