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The Independent Critic

Nadine C. Licostie
Running Time
22 Mins.
Sr. Jane Mankaa

 "The Good Mother of Abangoh" Review 
Filmed in Cameroon, Nadine Licostie's "The Good Mother of Abangoh" is a short documentary on the life of Sr. Jane Mankaa, an African nun who runs the Good Shepherd Home in Abangoh, Cameroon. Sr. Jane was born the eldest of eight children. Her parents were subsistence farmers, and when Sr. Jane announced her plans to leave home for a contemplative order her father was not pleased. She left home and, after a few years of spiritual training, started the Good Shepherd Home, which now serves 43 children despite its own modest means. Simply photographed, Licostie wisely trusts the beauty of her story and of Sr. Jane. The children, as well, come to life on video and one scene of their accepting a particularly disfigured child is a beautiful testimony to the human spirit among the poorest of the world's people.