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Greg Vorob, Elmer J. Santos, Caitlin Winter, Timothy J. Cox, Jack Moran II, Dan Conrad
Dan Kowalski
Dan Conrad
11 Mins.

 "Greg's Guardian Angel" is Latest from All Things Random Productions 
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The latest film from the group that brought us Marty and Doug's New Religion, Greg's Guardian Angel possesses a similar quirky, laid back vibe that should make it popular with many of the same folks who enjoyed the former film.

The film is actually a joint production of All Things Random Productions and Phalanx Film/Video Productions, and centers around Greg (Greg Vorob) and the unexpected arrival of his rather domineering guardian angel (Elmer J. Santos). At first, Greg seems quite pleased with this new addition to his life as the Angel's first couple of offbeat suggestions go quite well for Greg. Before long, however, the guardian angel becomes just a tad overprotective.

Greg's Guardian Angel will work best for those who appreciate fairly broad comedy, with Santos taking an in-your-face approach that will either have you laughing heartily or mostly irritated. Vorob does a nice job as the ordinary joe who seemingly can't evade his newfound angel. Timothy J. Cox and Caitlin Winter do well in supporting roles.

Something about Greg's Guardian Angel just didn't feel right for this critic, however, and much of the humor seemed more intentional than spontaneous. While the set-up and characters were just fine, the film itself never made me laugh and had me checking my watch five minutes into the film.

Ultimately, not every film can work for everyone. If you enjoyed Marty and Doug's New Religion, then there's a pretty decent chance you'll enjoy this film. The film had its premiere at New York City's Downtown Short Film Festival on October 21, 2012.

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