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Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater, Minnie Driver, Ed Asner
Mikael Solomon
Graham Yost
Rated R
97 Mins.
 "Hard Rain" Review 
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I have to admit that a bit of excitement when I saw that TC Candler, one of my fellow critics on,  had given this film a "B". This, of course, being completely shallow because this is one of multiple Indiana films in which I am an extra. So, yes, my warped little brain went...How cool, TC thinks "My film" is a "B".

Okay, ego trip aside...other than "Hoosiers," this probably my favorite locally made film...mostly because it is filmed in Huntingburg, a small, beautiful Indiana town that has been very supportive of my outreach efforts. In other words, it seems that most of this review is actually about me.

This film is directed by Mikael Solomon and stars Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater...two of my favorites...yes, it's true...I was in heaven in my brief time on this set. The film also has Randy Quaid (cool), Minnie Driver (impure thoughts) and Ed Asner (I love political people).

The set design here was wonderful, and Slater and Freeman do a nice job with a fairly average script. For me, it's the performances that really elevate this film to a "B" level. Slater portrays an Armored Vehicle Guard trying to hold on to $3 million. Freeman heads a gang of guys trying to get the the meantime, this Indiana town is going underwater. Watching the technology of producing this flood was simply astounding and awesome...In terms of pure visuals, I loved this film. I will say that some budgetary issues were obvious, and some of the CGI seemed a bit amateurish. Generally, however, quite effective and still a joy to watch.

In short, this is a fun film to watch and Slater and Freeman do an excellent job here. AND, as a side perk...if you look VERY VERY carefully you will end up seeing me. (I love taunting with that since most of you have not visited my website and have no clue what I look like).For the record, I am NOT in the wheelchair...I would never make it that obvious. hehe.

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The Independent Critic