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 Films Included: 
  • Eating (1990)
    Starring: Nelly Alard, Frances Bergen, Mary Crosby, Lisa Richards, Gwen Welles, Daphna Kastner, Elizabeth Kemp, Marlena Giovi, and Marina Gregory
    Written and Directed by: Henry Jaglom
    MPAA Rating: R
    Running Time: 110 Mins.
  • Babyfever (1994)
    Starring: Victoria Foyt, Frances Fisher, Elaine Kagan, Dinah Lenney, Zack Norman, Matt Salinger, and Eric Roberts
    Directed by: Henry Jaglom
    Written by: Henry Jaglom & Victoria Foyt
    Running Time: 110 Mins.
  • Going Shopping (2005)
    Starring: Victoria Foyt, Rob Morrow, Lee Grant, Pamela Bellwood, Bruce Davison, Joseph Feury, Martha Gehman, Jennifer Grant, Kim Kolarich, Juliet Landau, Cynthia Sikes, and Mae Whitman
    Written and Directed by: Henry Jaglom
    MPAA Rating: PG-13
    Running Time: 106 Mins.
  • Irene In Time (2009)
    Tanna Frederick, Lanre Idewu, Andrea Marcovicci, Victoria Tennant, David Proval, Karen Black, Adam Davidson, Kelly DeSarla, Sabrina Jaglom, Simon D. Jaglom, Andrew Leeds, Joe Manganiello, Rob Mathes, Jack Maxwell, Zack Norman, and Reni Santoni
    Running Time: 95 Mins


 Jaglom Collection Vol. 3: The Women's Quartet Released by Breaking Glass  

As part of their ongoing collaboration with maverick indie filmmaker Henry Jaglom, Philly-based indie distributor Breaking Glass Pictures has released Henry Jaglom Volume 3: The Women's Quartet, a collection of four Jaglom films - Eating, Babyfever, Going Shopping, and Irene in Time. Village Voice once said about Jaglom "Henry Jaglom knows something that's on the mind of every woman in America," and The Women's Quartet really drives home that few filmmakers, and even fewer male filmmakers, have so consistently produced films that are as intelligent, insightful, and respectful of women as has Henry Jaglom. This could very well be why he continues to work with some of Hollywood's most talented women while also forging his own path away from the Hollywood machinery that so often demands compromise.

Eating Babyfever Going Shopping Irene in Time
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