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Matt Christman, Brian Stuart Boyd, Steven Durgarn, Debora J. Mincy
Mark A. Nash
Bruce K. Northern
20 Mins.

 "Homecoming" Screens at 2017 Heartland Film Festival 
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Winner of Best Dramatic Film at the 2017 Alhambra Theatre Film Festival in Evansville, Indiana, Mark A. Nash's 20-minute short film Homecoming is now an official selection for the 2017 Heartland Film Festival in Indy following other screenings at Covellite International Film Festival and MSM Fest Short Film Showcase. 

Homecoming tells the story of Jed (Matt Christman), a successful musician returning to his hometown following the death of his ex-fiance' where he's forced to confront his former best friend as well as his own past. 

Despite a talented cast and crew, whose work I've been familiar with in other projects, the 20-minute Homecoming never quite registers emotionally and tries to accomplish more than it can as the conflict rises quickly and comes to a head before we've really gotten to know the characters involved or really even gotten to the point of caring about their stories. 

While Homecoming may have not quite resonated with this particular critic, it would be nearly impossible to admire the film's strong local connections and family ties. Director Mark Nash, a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Carmel resident, has his wife, Shani Salyers Stiles, along with step-sons Owen and Max performing in the film and even Nash has a small supporting role in addition to helming the project. The film is filled to the brim with familiar locals from producers Daniel J. Cavallini, Bruce K. Northern (who penned the film), Steven Durgarn, and Amy Pauszek, to folks like Matt Christman, Debora J. Mincy and others in the cast and crew. 

For more information on Homecoming, visit the film's Facebook page linked to in the credits. 

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