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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Joel Moore
Written by
Joel Moore, James Tuverson (Screenplay)
Jarod Einsohn, Stuart Lafferty
Running Time
16 Mins.

 "Hours Before" Review 
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One of the more unique aspects of covering short films is the discovery of how involved some of Hollywood's known actors and actresses are in their production and distribution. It's not uncommon for Hollywood's regulars, even after having made a name for themselves, to continue writing, directing and/or appearing in short films.

Often times, as with an actor like James Franco, doing so allows them to explore a different side of their craft. After all, would any studio really have paid Franco to do a film such as The Ape?

Joel Moore may not have quite the name recognition of a James Franco, but Moore is a Hollywood regular with nearly 50 television and film credits to his name including such flicks as Art School Confidential, Grandma's Boy and the biggie, James Cameron's Avatar. Yet, for the most part, Moore's short Hours Before represents the kind of film we seldom see from the actor.

I like it.

Hours Before follows a student whose psychological problems are threatening to tear his school apart until his only true friend is forced to get in the way. The 16-minute short is an acting tour-de-force for its co-leads,  Jarod Einsohn and Stuart Lafferty, and clear cut evidence that Moore has a future behind the camera should he ever choose to go that direction on a more regular basis. Hours Before is a powerfully written, emotionally involving film featuring expert lensing by Dustin Pearlman, a nicely complementary original score from John Campbell and Moore's own skilled hands in the editing room.