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Adam Davis, Hank Cartwright, Leah Miller, Melinda Ausserer, Rachael Reckless, Karen McGuire, Dawn McCall, Ron Jeremy
Sean Skelding
Sean Skelding, David Wester
NR (Lots of nudity)
90 Mins.
Cheezy Flicks Entertainment
12 Additional Minutes!

 "I Am Virgin" Review 
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Intended as a spoof of the Will Smith flick I Am Legend, I am Virgin is an unabashedly campy, lighthearted, silly and immensely fun adventure with Robby (Adam Davis), a lonely virgin surrounded by a world of sex-crazed vampires.

If you don't like sex and you don't like vampires, then I Am Virgin is definitely not the film for you.

If you do like sex and you DO like vampires, then I Am Virgin may very well be the perfect film for you.

Similar in style to a Troma release, I Am Virgin maniacally blends the good ole' fashioned sex comedy with beautiful vampires, nearly always scantily clad, an "end of the world" scenario and, as is required of any low-budget sex comedy, a guest appearance by Ron Jeremy.

The story, as if it's actually important here, involves a virus that has wiped out much of humanity in the matter of a few short days. Those who've survived have been turned into sex-crazed vampires...except for Robby.

Robby's a virgin.

Oh, but Robby still has Billy, his trusted and loyal Basset Hound.

What's a lonely virgin to do?

Is there any hope that Robby can find real love surrounded by horny, lusty vampires who really only want to f*** him?

There's something ridiculously joyous about a filmmaker who knows his limitations and flaunts them, and there's something ridiculously awesome about a film that remains faithful to exactly what it is it's supposed to be.

I Am Virgin is not intended as great cinema and, indeed, it is not great cinema. I Am Virgin is intended as campy, cheesy and hyper-sexual good times and in these ways I Am Virgin is quite successful.

Adam Davis, an actor from the film's shooting locale of Portland, Oregon, has a goofy sort of "boy next door" charm that comes off quite nicely and, while I'm not quite sure this is a compliment, Davis makes one incredibly believable virgin even while surrounded by lusty vampires and bouncing breasts. The film's supporting actresses basically have the task of convincingly portraying sex-crazed vampires, and in this regard they fit the bill quite nicely. If the Academy had an award for Best Performance by a Basset Hound in a Feature Film, good ole' Billy would most assuredly take home the golden statuette with his aw' shucks, love ya' pal kind of performance.

Production credits are surprisingly solid given the film's modest budget, with special kudos for Michael Lindberg's camera work and the special effects team led by Christina Kortum and Edward Martin III.

I Am Virgin looks and feels like the sort of low-budget sex comedy that you find on Cinemax after midnight, not so surprising given that Cinemax partially funded the film and I am Virgin will, in fact, be seen on Cinemax following its February 23rd DVD release.

Skelding, whose primary screen credits to date are as set dresser on multiple productions including Free Willy and Maverick, displays a knack for balancing humor and horror. Skelding has already announced his next flick, a similarly themed spoof of 2009 hit Zombieland.

Irreverent and shamelessly fun, I Am Virgin contains all the ingredients for fans of late night erotic horror with its abundance of humor, T&A, vampires and a storyline that simply doesn't matter at all.

I am entertained.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic