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Tania Seron, Alexander Nathan, Gideon Blackman
Gideon Blackman
Gideon Blackman, Carlo Saccenti
7 Mins.

 "Infinity" is the Latest Short from Gideon Blackman 
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The latest short film from indie director Gideon Blackman, Infinity is an amusing seven-minute take on mass commercialization gone awry yet not really that far-fetched. Daniel (Alexander Nathan) leaves his home one morning and walks to the bus stop, stopping to take notice of two new posters on a wall - one male and one female. Unfortunately for Daniel, he stares too long and suddenly the female posters comes to "life" in the form of a hologram of Miss Infinity (Tania Seron), a representative of the brand known as, you guessed it, Infinity.

Once brought to "life," Miss Infinity proceeds to not so subtly sway Daniel toward those things in his life that he truly "needs" and before long he has them. Of course, Daniel's not alone and he begins to see his neighbors around him having the same experiences.

Infinity is a nicely constructed and intelligent film that will make you think even if it doesn't work entirely mostly due to the obvious constraints of working with a minimal budget. The hologram effect, for example, is more cheesy than impactful but it's made better by Seron's effective performance.

There were times while watching Infinity that I felt like I was watching an 80's music video, think Devo or A Flock of Seagulls, and that's not exactly a bad thing to have come to mind even if it's not the film's primary objective.

More quirky than comical, Infinity is a pretty good effort from Blackman and may very well find a home on the indie/underground fest circuit where its message and presentation would be well received. For more information on the film, visit its Facebook page linked to in the credits to the left of this review.

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