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Seth Correa, Erik Pratt, Lahcen Anajjar, Steve Williams, Sharon Wright, Philip Denver, Kaylee Williams, Rina Mehta, Brad Paulsen,
Tiffany Shepis, Jeff Dylan Graham, Joe Estevez, Ford Austin, Marc Wasserman, Chris Watson, Shawn C Phillips, Cassie Jaye
Blake Fitzpatrick
Monumental Pictures

 "Insignificant Celluloid" Review 
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Have you ever found yourself watching a film going "What the f*** was that?"

Insignificant Celluloid is a "What the f*** film?!"

It's a film about people "feeling ways about things," according to the film's marketing materials.

In yet another description of the film, we learn that it's the latest documentary feature by Blake Fitzpatrick following filmmaker Rod Meeks as he attempts to complete his latest film, Zombies that Run Are Better Because They Walk Faster." Indeed, in theory this would seem to be what the film is about as we do, indeed, follow Rod along with his cast and crew through the making of the truth is stranger than fiction making of the film.

The mark of a really awesome, grassroots indie flick is one that leaves you wondering and yet leaves you completely and utterly glued to the screen throughout the the entire thing.

Is this real?

Is this fake?

Who the f*** is Rod and why does he need a documentary?

Is that freakin' Joe Estevez? How'd they manage that one?

There's a certain undeniable joy in watching a film that leaves you shaking your head, asking questions, desperately searching for film credits and exasperated as you try to write a review or somehow make sense of what you've just seen.

Is Insignificant Celluloid a mock doc or a semi-serious one in the manner of the recent Best Worst Movie?

I'm tellin' ya. I dunno. I simply don't know.

The entire ensemble cast is in on the project and they maintain a remarkably consistent tone of irreverence, humor, profanity, silliness, faux rage and just about everything else you can toss into a film.

Oh yeah, and the zombies.

Is this brilliant acting, crappy acting or just crappy people brilliantly acting?


The simple truth is that you're unlikely to see another film like Insignificant Celluloid anytime soon, so if you can see it you should. It's likely to be playing at an indie fest near you sometime soon.

Oh, and if you figure out what it's about please let me know.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic