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The Independent Critic

Jarrell Sullivan and family
Ryan Mayers
13 Mins.

 "Jmaxx and the Universal Language" Screening at ReelAbilities Pittsburgh 

Jarrell Sullivan is a Chicago teenager living with autism who has learned how to use hip-hop dance to better express his true self to the world. Directed by Ryan Mayers, Jmaxx and the Universal Language introduces us to Sullivan and his family as Jarrell not only expands his own world but prepares to dance for his biggest audience yet. 

A 13-minute short documentary set to screen at ReelAbilities Pittsburgh Film Festival going on September 4-11, Jmaxx and the Universal Language is a lively and hopeful short film centered around a young man whose ability to adapt to perceived communication deficits is both impressive and an awful lot of fun to watch. 

For information on the film's screening at the 2019 ReelAbilities Pittsburgh Film Festival, check out the film festival's website. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic