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The Independent Critic

Conceived and Directed by
KD Matheson
Running Time
12 Mins.

 "KD Matheson Boundless Tribesman" Review 
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Referring to his work, digital artist KD Matheson states "Within my work I tend to think of creating a meeting place, a bridge in space and time that blends the past and the future and is expressed into the present. They are as vessels that house lines of connection to the mysteries of our past, the understanding of who we are now and the wonder of what we will become tomorrow."

Attempting to capture within the span of a 10-minute short documentary this meeting place, creator/director Vezun has assembled an essay in video and music that features live painting footage, interviews with Matheson and numerous images of Matheson's boundless tribal creations.

Matheson's art work has been featured in exhibitions around the world, in CD jacket covers, in book publications, in movies and in other places here and there. Utilizing a variety of mediums, including clay, c-g art, paint, film and animation, Matheson's artistic creations breathe life into another world and "KD Matheson Boundless Tribesman" immerses the viewer into a world that is simultaneously fantastic and yet feels strangely and comfortably familiar.

Vezun creates both the camera work and the music for "KD Matheson Boundless Tribesman," a perfect blend of mythical and magical with primal beats and images. While there are a couple of spots during the film's interviews with Matheson himself where the sound mix is just a touch off, "KD Matheson Boundless Tribesman" is a visually and emotionally appealing tribute to one of contemporary digital arts most acclaimed artists.

Currently on the film festival circuit, "KD Matheson Boundless Tribesman" blends the experimental and the experiential into an intriguing and inviting short documentary.