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KC Comeaux, Alec W. Seymour, Joshua Cruz, Simon Vargas
Jana "A.J." Mattioli
Greg Dyrsten (Writer/Concept), Greg Jackson (Contributing Writer), Jana Mattioli, (Script Editor), Joe Rosario (Contributing Writer)
99 Mins.
QC Cinema
"Bidentity Crisis" Short Film

 "Lady Peacock" Hits DVD With QC Cinema 
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The story behind director A.J. Mattioli's Lady Peacock is rather simple - Conner (Alec W. Seymour) meets Devin (KC Comeaux), who is likely what is referred to as a "straight acting" gay who is sweet, cute, and incredibly inexperienced. The two obviously click, but there's an element of respect for one another and nothing sexual happens. On the following night, Conner's arch-rival Edwin (Joshua Cruz) meets Devin and is equally infatuated with the potential boy toy and much less hesitant than Conner to simply go for it.

Two drag queens. One adorably cute young man.

Who will win?

You'll have to watch for yourself. Now, you can as Lady Peacock arrives on home video this week with QC Cinema, the LGBT distribution arm of Philly-based indie distributor Breaking Glass Pictures. A vibrant, fun, and entertaining flick, Lady Peacock may not necessarily break any new ground even amongst LGBT cinema but it certainly has a blast on its journey.

The battle for Devin's affection culminates in a drag-off at Club Calais, a not so friendly competition that becomes a whole heck of a lot more than simply a drag competition once it lands in the streets. If you've ever been to a drag show, then you'll likely appreciate Mattioli's willingness to simply let things unfold and for the splendor of it all to just reveal itself. Both Seymour and Cruz make for convincing drag and Comeaux's performance, in particular, is a wondrously winning affair.

Lady Peacock adds in a secondary story involving one of Conner's friends, played by Matthew Vargas, but this thread feels a tad extraneous and mostly makes me long for Comeaux to get back on the screen. It's a lot of fun watching Alec Seymour's Conner transform himself into a more assured drag queen, which he must do to compete with Cruz's Adora, and Lady Peacock plays it all out with a true sense of dramedy that is both entertaining and heartfelt.

Lady Peacock is now available through all your usual video outlets or you can click on the link in the credits to purchase your own copy from QC Cinema.

© Written by Richard Propes
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