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Lara Jean, Joseph Camilleri, Max Troia, David Polse
Anthony DeRouen
10 Mins.

 "The Last Showing" Getting Set for Indie Festival Run 
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It's not often anymore that I'm surprised when I click on that ole' "play" button and start watching a film, but I'll confess that I was at least somewhat surprised by how much I enjoyed writer/director Anthony DeRouen's 10-minute indie horror short film The Last Showing, a dynamite little thriller of a short in which a theater is terrorized by a mysterious apparition during the night's last showing. 

Based on a feature-length screenplay of the same name, The Last Showing features a top notch ensemble cast that includes Lara Jean (2Jennifer, Anomaly) as Mary, Max Troia (Brawl is War) as Steven, and Joseph Camilleri (Blood Relative) as Michael. The recently completed film is in the process of being submitted to a variety of indie fests with a focus on those specific to the horror genre. 

Indeed, The Last Showing works because it's clear that DeRouen knows exactly what he's going for here and has assembled a cast and crew quite capable of pulling it off. Max Troia is an absolute gem here as Steven, kicking off the film with those dreadful vibes that just make you know he's in store for something and it's probably not going to be good. Likewise, Lara Jean has a wonderfully retro vibe about her that fits perfectly within the confines of this older, creepier theater and everything that's about to unfold. Camilleri? Well, you just need to see him. Suffice it to say that he's also a blast.

The Last Showing is yet another reminder that a talented cast and crew can do wonders even working on a low budget. Luigi Janssen's original music is atmospheric and filled with dread, while Iris Bertuccelli deserves major kudos for make-up artistry majorly convinces despite the film's financial constraints. Every detail of the film was impressive down to vibrantly realized costuming and, yeah, this is that rare short film where even such considerations as hair styles work perfectly within the framework of the film. 

While it's not like I started The Last Showing expecting it to completely suck, the truth is sometimes when you're dealing within the low-budget world of indie horror you have to dial your expectations down a notch. This wasn't the case with DeRouen's The Last Showing, an impressive effort that should have no problem finding a home on the indie horror circuit.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic