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Nic Caruccio, Erika Harris, Aaron Fotheringham, Tom McElroy, Yeniffer Behrens, Billy Dec
Crystal Barnes
70 Mins.
Questar Entertainment

 "The Law of Moises" Set to Open in Select Theatres in January 2019 
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In writer/director Crystal Barnes's entertaining family feature The Law of Moises, Moises (Nic Caruccio) is an aspiring filmmaker whose parents died at the age of 9 leaving him stuck being raised in the small town of Cairo, Illinois, a 9-square mile sleepy little place that doesn't exactly scream out as a place for budding filmmakers. 

Moises has more than a little in common with his namesake, yeah that biblical Moses guy, including anger management issues and a speech impediment. When it seems like his tiny town is suddenly being struck by even more similarities with Moses, such as blood flowing in the nearby Mississippi River and even a plague or two, suddenly Moises realizes that saving this town he's been trying forever to escape may be, in fact, his greatest mission in life. 

More inspired by faith than an actual faith-based film, The Law of Moises is a family friendly adventure/comedy that runs along at a breezy 70-minutes telling its appealing story in a way that should resonate with faith-based audiences including those familiar with Aaron Fotheringham, whose character narrates the story and whose background as an extreme wheelchair athlete is well known to his fan base along with his work on Glee and in Nitro Circus: The Movie. 

Nic Caruccio has a winning screen presence as Moises, while the film also benefits greatly from the presence of Yeniffer Behrens as Miriam. Production credits are solid throughout The Law of Moises including Devin Delaney's original music and lensing by Patrick Charles. 

Picked up for distribution by Chicago-based Questar Entertainment, The Law of Moises is looking at a limited theatrical release in January 2019 followed by what will likely be a much more successful and extended run via the usual home video and streaming outlets. For more information on the film, be sure to visit its website linked to in the credits. 

© Written by Richard Propes
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