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Eddie Jemison, Laura Lamson and Frederick Lawrence
Matt Miller
Frederick Lawrence

 "Lovelock, CA" Now Available Online 
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Henry (Frederick Lawrence) is a convicted murderer who is unexpectedly released early from prison. At his homecoming dinner with brother William (Eddie Jemison) and sister Kate (Laura Lamson), he forces his siblings to face the dark truth about events in their past. It's an evening none of them will ever forget.

Written by Lawrence himself and directed by Matt Miller, the film is emotionally and intellectually powerful featuring terrific performances from its ensemble cast. You may recognize Jemison from his appearances in the George Clooney led Ocean's films, but for the most part the film really belongs to Frederick Lawrence as Henry. Lawrence has a burning intensity about him that keeps you watching throughout the film's slightly longer than 20-minute running time, yet he also wisely plays up just the right amount of the familial bond so that despite all the apparent differences there are quite a few similarities that rise to the surface.

The film is currently completing in the FirstGlance Spring 2013 Short Online Contest and has also played at the HollyShorts Film Festival and in other screenings while attracting quite a bit of attention for its compelling and thought-provoking story. The film also features a top notch soundtrack featuring original music from David Joseph Wesley.

While Lawrence's performance is really the film's central focus, the addition of Eddie Jemison is a stroke of genius with Jemison offering the film a natural and energetic performance that really serves to fuel quite a bit of the dialogue. While she could have easily been caught in the background, Laura Lamson also does a fine job as Kate.

For more information on the film, visit its official website linked to in the credits on the left of this review.

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