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Michael Danehower, D.A. Smith
Sean Ferris
3 Mins.

 "Lunch Time" an Intriguing 3-Minute Short 
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 Based on real life conversations, writer/director Sean Ferris's 3-minute experimental short film Lunch Time centers around two co-workers (Michael Danehower and D.A. Smith) who decide on fast food for their afternoon lunch break. 

I mean, seriously. How much more do you expect in three minutes? 

Actually, for a three minute film Ferris really does keep it all quite involving and substantial. The film was shot on Super 8mm in B&W, giving the entire affair an even grittier sense of the everyday experience. Ferris is a Pittsburgh native who founded Joliette Films in 2008, and since then has been churning out thought provoking and visually appealing experimental short films. 

The film had its debut at Pittsburgh's Melwood Screening Room just last month, and it 'll be interesting to see if the film gets the reception of Ferris's last film, the festival fave Everyday Today. Much of the credit for the film's success goes to Ferris, who not only writes and directs the film but also serves as D.P., editor, sound design and camera operator. 

It helps that Danehower and Smith seem well in touch with Ferris's vision for the film, which felt quite a bit like the more experimental edge of Jim Jarmusch. 

For the record, I love Jarmusch films. 

I loved the camera work, in particular, which captured mundane intimacies in a way that made them feel not quite so mundane. In fact, the true accomplishment of Lunch Time may very well be that Ferris makes it look and feel like there's a whole lot more going on than actually unfolds and keeps you glued to the screen watching two men share a not particularly appealing lunch. 

Great. Now, I'm hungry. 

© Written by Richard Propes 
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