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Owen Miller, Keldrick Mobley, Don-Dimitri Joseph, Emerald Miller
J.R. Poli
10 Mins.

 "Marcus" an American Spectrum Short at Indy Film Fest 
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In writer/director J.R. Poli's award-winning short film Marcus, a group of men struggle with a life changing decision. Finding themselves on different sides of an argument, they grapple with a decision that could lead to a tragic ending. 

Marcus has already picked up the Best of Show prize at the IndieFEST Film Awards and will be arriving here in the Hoosier state as part of the 2018 Indy Film Fest as an American Spectrum short later this month. The film will screen as part of the "Shorts 2" collection and will have screenings on Tuesday, May 1st at 7pm in the Indy Film Salon and on Thursday, May 3rd at 7pm inside DeBoest Lecture Hall - both screenings take place inside Newfields. 

The film is a reflective piece led by Owen Miller's thoughtful and finely nuanced performance as the title character, whose actions are at the center of everything and everyone around him with the remaining ensemble matching him quite nicely note for note. Matt Greene's lensing far transcends the film's status as a low-budget indie, while Jesus E.P. edits the film with patience and precision. 

Beyond Miller's stellar performance, it's Poli's dialogue that most stands out here as Poli uses words sparingly yet intentionally and gives his characters room to breathe into them. You may find yourself easily falling into the stereotype of where you think this is going to go, but rest assured that Poli and his cast and crew have much better things in mind. 

Kudos should be given for the remainder of the ensemble cast including Keldrick Mobley, Emerald Miller and Don-Dimitri Joseph, the latter who especially adds an extra spark to the proceedings. 

Marcus is yet another reason to be sure to pick up your tix for the 2018 Indy Film Fest running from April 26-May 6th at Newfields, 4000 Michigan Road in Indianapolis. This year, Indy Film Fest has a couple extra screening spots within the Newfields grounds and it's going to be an exciting festival.

For more information on Marcus, check out the film's Facebook page linked to in the credits. 

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic