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The Independent Critic

Ethan Wood, Sean Ruddy, Matthew J. Williamson
John Woosley
11 Mins.

 "Mason and Jay Save the World" Set for Indie Fest Circuit 
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There's an awfully good heart at the core of John Woosley's just under 11-minute short film Mason & Jay Save The World!, a breezy and entertaining flick getting ready to have its world premiere at the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival on January 20th. A low-budget effort for sure, what Mason & Jay Save The World! lacks in production cred it makes up for with genuine heart, a light sense of humor, and solid performances from co-leads Sean Ruddy and Ethan Wood as a pair of siblings left alone to their own devices or, in their case, left alone with their father's far too tempting to leave alone drone. 

Mason & Jay Save The World isn't masterpiece cinema, but if you can't tell that's not the goal in the film's opening moments then you're probably not paying attention anyway. This is a film that delivers exactly what it promises from the outset, a sci-fi tinged family-friendly good time with a story that pleases and an awareness of what it is and what it isn't. Writer/director Woosley has crafted a terrific way to spend a good 10 or 11-minutes of your time and it's hard to imagine that the film won't be incredibly popular at its world premiere. This is a film tailor-made for the indie and microcinema film fest circuits. 

For some, that may sound like a jab. It's most definitely not. The world needs more short films like Mason & Jay Save The World and you'll feel better for having watched the film. 

Music by Roman Soto fits the film quite nicely, while visual effects by Derek Sellens are quite effective given the film's micro-budget. Mason & Jay Save The World! may not blow you away, but the production crew does solid work and keeps you from being distracted from the film's warm, winning story. 

If you're in Dublin on the 20th, definitely make the effort to check this film out. For more information on the film, check out the Mason & Jay Save The World website linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic