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Tony Pizarella, Kim Doi, Christopher McGowan, Jeremy Klavens
Michael Carnavale
95 Mins.
Archangel Pictures

 "Me, Tommy and the Brothers" Review 
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There is a story behind "Me, Tommy and the Brothers," a film written and directed by Michael Carnavale in 1998 that arrived on DVD in January 2009.

What's the story?

Who knows?

One of the first things that blew me away when I began to devote myself more fully to film criticism was the often incredible length of time between production and distribution.

Yet, the cinematic world has vastly changed in the past 10 years and this basic truth is abundantly clear in "Me, Tommy and the Brothers."

The film is a narrative feature told from the perspective of Frank (Tony Pizarella), a man whose circle of friends are struggling to let go of their college ways and mature into life. "Me, Tommy and the Brothers" tackles major life themes such as suicide, marriage, drugs and abortion with honesty and conviction.

Yet, there's little denying that today's audience, used to crystal clear imagery, enhanced special effects and mega-budget blockbusters will find it difficult to watch "Me, Tommy and the Brothers," a film that more resembles a made-for-television movie than a full-length feature.

The ensemble cast, most notably Tony Pizarella as Frank and Kim Doi as his wife Susan, are all competent actors up to the task of bringing this dramatic story to life.

Filmed on location in New York, "Me, Tommy and the Brothers" has a gritty, urban feel to it that brings to mind films such as "Diner," a film that tackled big issues in small ways.

Tech credits for "Me, Tommy and the Brothers" are appropriate for the late 90's, and Ron Wolfe's cinematography nicely captures the stressed relationship between Frank and Susan.

Ultimately, however, "Me, Tommy and the Brothers" is hindered by both being a modestly budgeted film and the limits of technology in 1998. Despite these challenging obstacles, "Me, Tommy and the Brothers" is a promising first feature film from Michael Carnavale.

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© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic