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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Kent Sutton
Maria Guzman, Derek McAllister, Herb Newsome, Gabrielle Archer, Tim Parham, Danny Doherty, Vincent Caiola, Melina Lekkas, Jenn Burry, Meissa Hampton

 "Miranda" Review 
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Inspired by a true story, Miranda is about a woman with a secret.

Miranda (Maria Guzman) is engaged to Arthur (Derek M. McAllister), a beautiful young woman with a future that looks promising. Behind her trained facial expressions, 25-year-old Miranda is hiding a secret known only between herself and Arthur.

Miranda is a victim of Intimate Partner Abuse (IPA).

The latest production from the folks at One Way or Another Productions, Miranda vividly depicts the story of an abusive relationship where the victim is a woman experiencing verbal, physical, emotional and economic abuse from Arthur, a man who seemingly hides his abusive patterns from the rest of the world.  According to the Miranda website, the film depicts the relationship of Miranda and Arthur from a psychological and behavioral point of view, showing the subtle and not so subtle manipulative processes an abuser so deftly uses in gaining control of their victim and, indeed, depicting vividly and accurately just how the cycle of abuse and violence perpetuates itself.

Maria Guzman gives a powerful performance as Miranda, infusing this young woman with both the pleasant facade and heartbreaking vulnerability that makes her story, at times, difficult to watch and fathom. As Arthur, Derek McAllister is disturbingly normal in presentation, a powerful reminder that one need not "look" like an abuser to be an abuser.

Miranda is intended as a feature-length film, an intention that is fairly obvious given the difficulties of building up a convincing amount of tension and drama within the limited span of a short film. Writer/director Kent Sutton and the folks at One Way or Another are wisely partnering themselves with a number of persons experienced in the field including associate producer Lyn Twyman. The film picked up the Audience Award at the Red Wasp Film Festival in late 2010, and continues on the film festival circuit while the production team works to raise funds for the feature length project.

To follow Miranda or to learn more about how you can host a domestic violence related fund-raiser with the film, visit the Miranda website.