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Paul Bergmann, Ivan Katz and Jake Bellows
James Ersted
13 Mins.

 "Month to Month" Wraps Up Festival Run 
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In writer/director James Ersted's short film Month to Month, Paul Bergmann is Johnny, a traveling musician who decides to give L.A. a chance. However, when supernatural things start happening in his apartment suddenly his life is forever changed. 

A 13-minute drama/fantasy short, Month to Month is wrapping up its festival run with an international distribution deal lined up with Gonella Productions after a run that included prizes at Worldfest Houston in the fantasy/horror category and the Zed Fest Film Festival, the latter where the flick picked up wins for Outstanding Screen Story Short Film and Outstanding Music Soundtrack. 

The film is a beautiful one to watch courtesy of D.P. Jeffrey Peters' exceptional lensing that gives the film an otherworldly yet intimate look, while Ersted's simple yet well told story keeps us involved from beginning to end. 

Heading up the cast, Paul Bergmann makes for a compelling figure as Johnny, a semi-tough yet vulnerable young fellow whose attempt at a big city facade feels less and less convincing as the mystery that surrounds him deepens. 

Month to Month is a visually arresting film, possessing a sort of retro cool befitting of a musician whose musical inspiration seems to be Elvis but whose musical stylings seems more like a cross between Tom Waits and Timbuk 3. The live music by Bergmann is, indeed, top notch and Bergmann is surrounded by a solid supporting cast including a terrific Ivan Katz as the apartment manager along with solid turns by Jake Bellows and a brief yet memorable turn by Christine Donlon.

While your chance to check out Month to Month on the festival scene is very likely gone, be sure to check out its official website and look for it when it becomes available later on this year. 

© Written by Richard Propes
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