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Ashton Kutcher, Tara Reid, Terence Stamp, Molly Shannon
David Zucker
David Dorfman
Rated PG-13
86 Mins.
 "My Boss's Daughter" Review 
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For some odd reason, I thought there would be a chance I liked this least a little bit...a hair...I might find it even remotely amusing. Does it count if I liked it enough to give it a D- instead of an F?

"My Boss's Daughter" was directed by David Zucker and written by David Dorfman...both men are capable of tremendously better work than what is evidenced in this film.

"My Boss's Daughter" stars Ashton Kutcher...who I am starting to believe has the acting talent of Demi Moore. The one thing I am now sure of is that neither Demi or Ashton is ACTING like they care about each other...They must really care about each other, because neither of them can act well enough to fake it.

In this film, Ashton plays a young man who agrees to housesit, actually thinking he's been invited to a party by his boss's daughter (Tara Reid). Of course, he's wrong...and the whole evening ends up being a disaster. HAHA It's funny.

Kutcher is amazingly unfunny here...his scenes of sincerity with Reid are amazingly distant and cold...lacking in any semblance of sincerity. Of course, that could be solely because he is acting with Reid, who has LESS talent than both Kutcher and Moore. It's amazingly, bizarrely bad. It might be impressive to note that the two of them got a nomination for "Worst Screen Couple" from the is way well deserved. In fact, I simply must look up who actually won the's hard to fathom they were worse than this couple. Kutcher also captured the Razzie nomination for "Worst Actor," again...quite well deserved. While I certainly can imagine worse...I'm praying I didn't see the film.

Also in the cast of this disastrous flick are Andy Richter (I didn't even know he could be unfunny), Jeffrey Tambor, Carmen Electra and a psychotic Molly Shannon. (who I admittedly have lustful thoughts about, but found amazingly unattractive here). The only positive in the entire cast was really Terence Stamp...and, quite honestly, he was amazingly bland for a Stamp performance.

Everything about this film stinks...the script is horrid, production values suck...there's just little to admire here. So, why don't I flunk it? I give a few points for Terence Stamp's performance...and a couple extra points for my unhealthy Molly Shannon keeps it from flunking, but I'd still like to keep you from ever watching this film.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic