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 "My Father's Teeth" an Amusing Indie Short 
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It's a simple fact about being known for reviewing independent films. While occasionally you're lucky enough to stumble across the next Oscar-worthy short film far before anyone really discovers it, for the most part you find yourself watching an abundance of indie horror and well-meaning yet overly histrionic dramatic shorts.

So, it's always a bit of a delight to stumble across a film like My Father's Teeth, a family project written and directed by Josh Mitchell based upon a real life experience where Mitchell's father lost his dentures while partying hard at Hollywood's The Frolic Room. Even better? The night supposedly led to his father's discovery of the Tinder app and a certain Asian (Tisa Samphors) who ends up drunk and passed out on the bathroom floor.

Yeah, you know about Tinder.

Even better? Mitchell's real life father is actually here, Chuck Mitchell, bringing to life the adventures.

My Father's Teeth is an amusing nearly 10-minute short film grounded deeply in comical reality when Mitchell invites his father to his own 40th birthday party, a party that for the most part seems to have been normal until the very next morning.

My Father's House is not an indie horror flick and is most certainly not an overly histrionic dramatic short. While it's also not going to be knocking on Oscar's door anytime soon, the film is a lightly humorous and human take at a slice of life that is, in this case, also quite real. Not surprisingly, father-and-son Mitchell have a fun chemistry together and Mitchell, the younger one, seemingly allows it all to just unfold naturally. While I doubt that the film is actually as humorous as the events when they actually unfolded, they are pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Who knows? You might even find yourself checking out your smartphone and thinking to yourself "Now, what is this Tinder app anyway?"

Just don't forget your dentures.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic