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Colman Domingo
Jeremie Balais, Colman Domingo, Raul Domingo, Jeff Le Bars
Colman Domingo (Writer), Raul Domingo
11 Mins.

 Colman Domingo Brings "New Moon" to Indy Shorts 

West Philly is the magical setting for Colman Domingo's New Moon, an 11-minute animated short film that arrives at this week's Indy Shorts International Film Festival with Domingo himself scheduled to attend in support of this film along with the equally impressive live-action North Star. Domingo is scheduled to receive the festival's Pioneering Spirit Award, an annual prize honoring an individual's commitment to creating works that embody Heartland Film's mission. Indeed, there's simply no question that both films Domingo is bringing to Indy are practically the definition of what it means to be a Heartland film. 

New Moon features Domingo as the Storyteller telling the story of a young boy and their mother who sit on their West Philly porch and talk about their hopes and dreams under a new moon. Based upon Domingo's own play A Boy and His Soul, New Moon is a magical experience and an immersive, visually arresting experience that seemingly hugs you in its opening moments and never lets you go. 

New Moon is produced by Edith Productions, a production company that Domingo founded and serves as CEO while Domingo's husband Raul serves as the company's President. The Domingos share writing credit for New Moon and co-direct alongside Jeremie Balais and Jeff Le Bars. According to Domingo, New Moon is dedicated to " Black mothers and sons and the love that keeps them both inspired through immeasurable hardships." With a rhythm created by Aretha Franklin, New Moon is a vibrant, affirming experience with narration by Domingo that is contagious in all the best ways. With animation by Balais and Le Bars, New Moon is warm and whimsical and one of the more embracing, feel-good experiences from this year's Indy Shorts in Indianapolis that runs from June 19-24th. 

Domingo will attend screenings for both films including the post-screening Q&A sessions. As one might expect, he'll also be in attendance for the fest's awards ceremony where he will receive his Pioneering Spirit Award. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic