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Jessica Welu, Tanisha Cardwell, Susan Weinshanker, Natasha Santana, Nathalie Soto Cuzin, Andrea McClew
James Dubbeldam
9 Mins.

 Movie Review: Not Yesterday, Today! 
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Unless you've really delved into the nooks and crannies of The Independent Critic, you may not be aware that I have fairly strict guidelines around submissions. After quite a few years of accepting submissions for review any time and all the time, I finally established some healthy boundaries. 

Most completely understand it. It frustrates a few. It causes some to completely pass me by. It drives others to me. 

I only accept submissions 10 days out of each month and I only accept one unsolicited submission monthly from a filmmaker. 

This idea of boundaries is largely at the core of indie director James Dubbeldam's latest short film Not Yesterday, Today!, a nine-minute exploration of one young actor's (Jessica Welu) getting lost in her characters amidst the craziness of her Hollywood life. Up for an important role where those involved seem to like her, our young Penelope can't quite sell the audition and is repeatedly encouraged by her agent (Andrew McClew) to "do better." As Penelope shifts and shakes, sputters and shines, will the pressure be too much for her?

Dubbeldam has been exploring similar themes in his recent indie shorts. Always a director who explores human themes in his filmmaking, Dubbeldam doubles down in this one and is aided by a solid ensemble cast capable of bringing to life the finer nuances of his universal messaging. 

There's both a simplicity and a complexity to the storytelling here with Welu nicely handling a role that is more challenging than it initially looks. As the story unfolds, we see where Welu is going and it impresses. 

Music by Zachary Colton fits the goings on quite nicely here. Colton also lenses and edits the film. It seems as if Dubbeldam has found a dependable cinematic family to work with and that pays off in their rich understanding of his cinematic eye and storytelling. 

Not Yesterday, Today! is yet the latest film from James Dubbeldam with an important message to deliver and a strong sense of both style and purpose. If you get a chance, I'd definitely check the short film out.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic