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The Independent Critic

Written & Directed by
Patrick Rea
Meagan Flynn, Aaron Laue, Jennifer Plas, Jeremy Osbern, Chris Blunk
Running Time
14 Mins.

 "Now That You're Dead" Review 
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A mistress (Meagan Flynn). A philandering husband (Aaron Laue). One pissed off wife (Jennifer Plas).

Obviously, someone's going to have to die.

A 13-minute short film from writer/director Patrick Rea, Now That You're Dead is a current fave on the indie film festival circuit and screened this weekend, November 12-14,  at the New York City Horror Film Festival.

Now That You're Dead blends hints of film noir with psychological thriller, supernatural mystery and moments of crime drama. Rea has beautifully constructed a film where no character is completely innocent, yet it's never quite clear who is wrong or who is right as the story unfolds.

There is good. There is evil. There is revenge.

Then, even within the short span of a 14-minute short film the cycle starts all over again.

As I become more familiar with Rea's work, it's abundantly clear that Rea is drawn to complex characters whose innocence and evilness are tightly woven together. Without ever taking sides, Rea allows the story in Now That You're Dead to unfold as naturally as a supernatural thriller can possibly unfold. In a Rea film, there is always more going on than meets the eye. You have to watch, listen and think to really embrace it all.

The trio of leads here is strong here, with Jennifer Plas particularly impressive as she swings between vengeful to vulnerable and back again with equal energy and resonance. Aaron Laue and Meagan Flynn shine, as well, offering just enough humanity to keep us completely absorbed in how their story resolves itself.

Having seen a more recent example of Rea's noir stylings, it's clear that he's grown as a director and in his ability to capture the style and atmosphere without compromising characters and story. That said, Now That You're Dead is still a great example of how to construct and effective and involving short film by intertwining both classic and contemporary techniques. The lighting is a touch dark in some of the film's early scenes, an issue that Rea clearly worked out in his latest similarly styled film just completed called Time's Up, Eve. Rea's regular lenser Hanuman Brown-Eagle serves admirably as D.P. here, while other tech credits are also solid.

Now That You're Dead continues on the film festival circuit. For more information on the film, check out the production company's website above!