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Zach Pappas, Katelyn Farrugia, Rob Springer, Don Hartman, Quinten Johnson, Elena Lazorishak
Brent Hoover
98 Mins.

 "The Odyssey of Destiny" Gets Set for DVD Release  

An ambitious first feature film from writer/director Brent Hoover, The Odyssey of Destiny is a wartime romance set in an authoritarian society. The film follows Christian (Zach Pappas) and Jen (Katelyn Farrugia) in the aftermath of a brutal war. Christian is the son of a heroic liberator determined to carry on his father's legacy and ensure his people's survival. However, when he begins to uncover humanity's horrific nature, he realizes that his own existing vision for "good and evil" is not as it would seem.

The Odyssey of Destiny is constructed on a surprisingly epic scale, both in terms of cast and production. The film's art design, courtesy of Trey Workman, envelopes the film in the grey and melancholy world that Hoover's words create. Hoover, who also contributed the film's brooding original music, has intentionally created a bold vision for the film and for the most part his cast and crew don't let him down.

Zach Pappas is an imposing leading man, a weird but effective balance of lover and fighter all rolled into one. As his nurse becomes love, Katelyn Farrugia is believable with each turn that the film takes.

Trust me, that's a lot of turns. 

The Odyssey of Destiny isn't just one thing. The Odyssey of Destiny is at times romantic, at times fierce, at times hopeless, and at times truly liberating. While it's not a flawless motion picture, Hoover remains faithful to his bold vision and artistic sensibilities and creates a film that transcends its limitations with relentless integrity.

The film won't be for everyone, but then again true indie films seldom are as they are typically less concerned with market trends and more concerned with telling a meaningful story well. There's a starkness to The Odyssey of Destiny that can be exhausting, an impact owing to the film's design and Hoover's sparse yet pointed dialogue. For those who appreciate cinema that challenges both heart and mind, The Odyssey of Destiny is an opportunity to see such a film come to life in the hands of an up-and-coming filmmaker.

For more information on the film, visit The Odyssey of Destiny website in the credits on the left.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic