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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Jay Bungay
Written by
Evakay Favia
Gil Rogers, Tina Sloan
Running Time

 "Oh My Love" Review 
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Does love really endure all things?

It all depends. Oh My Love," written by Evakay Favia and directed by Jay Bungay, touchingly explores a world where age is no longer just a number and where the beauty of youth and the successes of adulthood begin to give way to the realities of aging, both mentally and physically. Stu (Gil Rogers) and Beverley (Tina Sloan) have shared more than four decades together but now find themselves having to come to terms with the effects of aging on their minds, their bodies and their marriage.

Effective due to its simple honestly and straight to the heart dialogue, Oh My Love highlights beautifully how love and an emotional connection can, indeed, bond two people for eternity.

The impact of Oh My Love creeps up on you over the course of the short film's nearly 17 minute run time, an impact that could have so easily been muted by unnecessary histrionics and melodrama is instead one of intimacy and vulnerable in the hands of the two lead performers, both veterans of daytime television whose chemistry is rich and believable.

Oh My Love features an appropriately mood-setting score by Gary Deinstadt that nicely complements the camera work of Daniel Hedges and Teresa Pereira. Kudos as well to Hans Smucker for a lighting design that is slightly dimmed and gives the entire film a sort of weathered, enduring look and feel.

The latest production from PB Productions, Oh My Love is currently on the film festival circuit.