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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Robin Veret
Alexandre Goyette, Pierre Luc Bouvrette
Running Time
15 Mins.

 "On The Other Side" Review 
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In Robin Veret's French-language short On the Other Side, a detachment of French soldiers is pinned down in a trench by a German sniper during World War I. The commanding officer is desperate to eliminate this immediate threat, but his methods betray a dark and disturbed psyche.

Veret, a French filmmaker currently residing in Montreal, has fashioned a remarkably well-constructed, well acted and beautifully photographed short that captures all the grit and drama of a war that is often forgotten these days. Centering the film upon two characters, marvelously played by Alexandre Goyette and Pierre Luc Bouvrette, Veret paints a powerful portrait not just of the two men involved but of the psychological and physical stressors of life on the front lines.

On the Other Side is beautifully photographed by Francois Messier Rheault, with music by Seppuku Paradigm that is a sublime complement and companion to the film's action.

Currently on the film festival circuit, On the Other Side has already been accepted into Toronto After Dark and the Fantasia Film Festival. While war films can, at times, be considered a niche' genre with a target audience, On The Other Side really transcends its genre with a script by Veret that draws you in to the psychological drama existing between these two men and watching how it unfolds. In the course of a mere 15 minutes, On The Other Side is a compelling and involving short film that will not be easily forgotten.