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Caitlyn Geiler, Kristina Rea
Alexis Ramirez
Brennan Scott
8 Mins.


 "Out of Boredom" a Fun Way to Kill a Saturday 
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Stacy (Caitlyn Geiler) is having one of those lazy Saturdays that is so lazy it's driving her out of her mind. When she starts wandering her way through her kitchen, a momentary distraction with a box of sweets turns into a satisfying conversation with their customer service hotline. 

One good call deserves another. Suddenly, Stacy's lazy Saturday turns into one of the best Saturdays ever in director Alexis Ramirez's amusing eight-minute comedy short Out of Boredom. The recently completed microcinema short is a terrific example of what you can do on an incredibly low budget, reported as less than $100, if you tell a decent enough story and have the talent to pull it off. 

Fortunately, that's all true here. 

While Out of Boredom takes a tad too long to really get going, Caitlyn Geiler is never less than a joy to watch and once she finds herself on the phone the film really comes to life. In only her second film credit, Geiler's clearly having a good time and that good time transfers to the audience quite nicely. She has a natural snarkiness about her, a fact that made me chuckle even more once I learned that Out of Boredom was filmed in the Bronx. 

There isn't a whole lot more to Out of Boredom, a quick and breezy short film that aims for a few laughs and for the most part hits its target. The film should be a prime candidate for the indie and microcinema fest circuit and it's worth checking out if you get the chance. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic