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Joe Diazzi, Carlos Luque
Omar Flores Sarabia
Omar Flores Sarabia, Sabdyel Almazan
70 Mins.
QC Cinema

 "Peyote" Hits Home Video From QC Cinema 

The debut feature film from Mexican director Omar Flores Sarabia, Peyote has been picked up for home video release by the fine folks at QC Cinema, the LGBT distribution arm for indie distributor Breaking Glass Pictures.

In the film, Pablo (Joe Diazzi) meets the slightly older Marco (Carlos Luque) and together the two head off on an impromptu road trip to the Mexican desert. The trip will make both of them face their feelings for each other and, even moreso for Pablo, the trip will change his viewpoints, his strengths, and his sexuality.

An entertaining and breezy 70-minute film, Peyote is beautifully photographed by co-writer Sabdyel Almazan with a brightness and authenticity that makes it an awful lot easier to relax and enjoy the terrific chemistry brought out by our two leads. Believable as friends and more, Joe Diazzi and Carlos Luque exude a naturalness with each other that makes this a film that transcends what could have easily been just another road trip film.

While the film runs a tad shy in terms of running time in terms of what one usually expects from a full-length feature film, Sarabia uses the time wisely and Peyote feels well paced and naturally developed in the hands of its two fine actors. Jose Antonio Parga's original music helps the film develop at a nice pace, and both Diazzi and Luque have a terrific screen presence that will make you look at your watch when the film's over surprised at how quickly everything unfolded.

The home video release includes a photo gallery, trailer, and a behind-the-scenes featurette  that will make this a desired title for those seeking Spanish language (w/English subtitles) LGBT cinema. For more information on the film, visit the Breaking Glass Pictures website linked to in the credits on the left.

© Written by Richard Propes
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