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The Independent Critic

Christopher Bustos, Luciana Elisa Quinonez, Daniela Vidaurre
Fernando Rodriguez
58 Mins.
Leomark Studios

 "Por Mi Hija" an Effective Drama 
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This engaging drama from writer/director Fernando Rodriguez centers around a couple, Leo (Christopher Bustos) and Emma (Daniela Vidaurre), who are happily married and living in Mexico. When Emma becomes pregnant, the two decide to provide their child with all the best opportunities and move to the U.S while Emma is still pregnant so that their daughter will be born a U.S. citizen. However, the "American Dream" is elusive since the two are in the country illegally and forced to work whatever jobs they can find with little recourse. Eventually, they are forced to confront the choices they have made. 

Both Bustos and Vidaurre give strong performances. Por Mi Hija (For My Daughter) avoids the frequently found preachiness here in favor of effective storytelling and that definitely amps up the impact of the tale that unfolds. Originally submitted to The Independent Critic as a short film at a modest 58-minute running time, Por Mi Hija actually qualifies as a feature on this side though it's worth noting it is somewhat on the slight side for a feature film. 

Young Luciana Elisa Quinonez is a true gem here as Luciana, a five-year-old spending much of her day in daycare while her parents fight for the family's survival. She's adorable, of course, and let's be honest - an adorable child, especially one who can act, can really help sell the story. 

It certainly works here. 

This modestly budget motion picture is nearly a one-man show for Rodriguez as he writes, directs, handles cinematography, does the editing, and is a producer on the film. He certainly shows great promise as a filmmaker and this is a somewhat familiar story told with an original, high impact angle that stays with you even after the closing credits have rolled. Behind a strong ensemble cast, Por Mi Hija is definitely worth checking out if you get a chance. You can actually check it out currently on Prime Video and I definitely recommend it.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic