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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Fabrizia Galvagno, Julia Haslett
Anthony Mangieri
Running Time
9 Mins.

 "Pure and Simple" Review 
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This simple and straightforward short doc from Fabrizia Galvagno and Julia Haslett evolves around Anthony Mangieri, who has been making pizza for 21 years and his East Village pizzeria turns out the kind of Pizzas typically only found in Italy that are borne out of simplicity, artistry and an emphasis on subtracting ingredients rather than piling them on.

Sometimes, it is the simplest of stories that are the most captivating and Mangieri's story is enthralling for the nine minutes that the film runs. Much of the film takes place inside Anthony's pizzeria, a humble and modest place that exudes that old world charm one expects to find in an Italian back alley. While the camera shows Mangieri's passionate attention to detail, his own voice-over narration creates a warmth that complements the film perfectly.

Beautifully photographed, Pure and Simple is just that - a pure and simple short doc that warms the heart and brings to life a little corner of the world and a guy who makes it a bit more beautiful.

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