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The Independent Critic

Gerald Guthrie
Running Time
6 Mins.

 "The Realm of Possibility" Review 
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Based at the intersection of deductive reasoning and absurdity, writer/director Gerald Guthrie's "The Realm of Possibility" is a visually captivating array of absurd images accompanied by a masked man reciting a series of absurdly logical arguments as he seems to traverse a global setting of absurd yet intentional markings.

Guthrie himself, present during the film's screening at the 2009 Indianapolis International Film Festival, cautioned against trying to make too much sense of the film by acknowledging himself to be a fan of absurdity itself.

It is, in fact, when one let's go of the deceptive logic in "The Realm of Possibility" that it becomes a 6-minute short film that infiltrates the senses. As the masked man continues his steady, methodical walk around the intentional markings, he is companioned at varying times by nonsensical images and the deductive logic, using the syllogistic form, appears to validate concepts that may not warrant validation.

Ow. My head hurts.

Filmed on a reported $1,000 budget, the greatest achievement of "The Realm of Possibility" may be that it illustrates perfectly how an inventive, talented and intelligent filmmaker can create an intriguing and captivating short film on even the most modest of budgets.