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 Book Review: Remember Love by Cleo Wade 
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"Remember Love: Words for Tender Times" is my introduction to the literary world of Cleo Wade, bestselling author of "Heart Talk" and a well-known artist, poet, and activist.

"Remember Love" is a weaving together of poetry and prose, a continuation of Wade's long-standing devotion to inspiration, motivation, and simply being courageous enough to care. Wade explores finding light during our periods of lostness, love for ourselves after heartbreak, peace in the midst of change, and strength in the journey of letting go. Wade writes, quite clearly, from the heart with a simplicity and poignancy that is refreshing and incredibly welcome.

During a time of so much social upheaval, Wade's words gently nudge us toward steadiness and self-care along with a sense of community and groundedness.

While Wade's positivity could be misconstrued, rest assured that she writes from a place of understanding that we will experience darkness and all that life will toss our way. Her mission, if you will, is one of empowerment and equipping so that we are more fully ready to handle all of life's peaks and valleys.

I found myself particularly enchanted by Wade's poetry, typically quite short yet precise and meaningful, warm and immersive. With an awareness of the world around us, Wade calls us into tenderness and into remembering the love within and the love that surrounds us.

While not a short read, "Remember Love" has a gentle fluidity that makes it a breezy, comfortable read that you'll likely not want to put down until you've reached the very end.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic