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Trisha Borowicz, Barnaby Aaron, Harrison Aaron, Moses Aaron, Charles Borowicz, Sylvia Borowicz, and many others
Barnaby Aaron, Charles Borowicz, and Sylvia Borowicz
98 Mins.
Independent (Available Through Vimeo on Demand)

 "Science, Sex and the Ladies" Available Through Vimeo on Demand 
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It's always a joy to be able to cover a hometown filmmaker. Such is the case with this humorous yet informative documentary from Central Indiana's AnC Movies. Science, Sex, and the Ladies is a 98-minute feature documentary about, you guessed it, the female orgasm.

Co-written and directed by Barnaby Aaron, Charles Borowicz, and Trisha Borowicz, the film is an irreverent, engaging, and yet quite well informed and researched documentary that helps to make it possible to talk about something that we just don't talk about that much.

Of course, in my case that could very well be because of my non-existent social life but you get my point.

The self-funded film, aided by a Kickstarter campaign, just became available through Vimeo on Demand after a short but successful festival run that included Louisville's Imaginarium Film Festival and the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival. The film picked up prizes in both festivals, Best Documentary and Best Director at Imaginarium and Best Documentary Feature at Minneapolis.

I must confess that Science, Sex and the Ladies is one of those films that fell victim to my late 2014 case of major writer's fatigue. After a few years of running The Independent Critic alone, finishing up a book, and pulling off a major fundraiser, my creativity just took a long needed vacation. It's a shame, because this is precisely the kind of film that I love to support and it would definitely be a good one for you to catch either through Vimeo or IndieFlix.

The creative team refers to Science, Sex and the Ladies as a visual essay. Indeed, this may very well be a more appropriate way to describe the film that features everything from acted out scenarios to animation to well-researched information, and quite a bit more along with its obvious humor. While this isn't the first doc I've seen to avoid the dreaded "talking head" approach to documentary filmmaking, one has to be impressed with the way this intimate yet important subject is approached and presented.

While Science, Sex and the Ladies has its humor, you should know going into it that it doesn't make fun of sex, light of sex, or serve up sex in any sort of titillating way. This is a documentary, a well-informed documentary, and it takes its mission seriously and completes it incredibly well. The film is scripted based upon research, while the film's animated sequences support that research fully. The end result is a film that investigates how a new and more correct perspective could change our sexual world.

For more information on the film and current opportunities to view it, visit the film's website or search for it on Vimeo on Demand or IndieFlix.

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