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Kip Niven, Jeannine Hutchings, Joicie Appell, Carol Leighton
Michelle Davidson
6 Mins.

 "A Senior Moment" Review 
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While Patrick Rea is primarily known for directing horror through his SenoReality Films, this time around he's had the wisdom to serve as producer for A Senior Moment, a humorous six-minute short film written and directed by Michelle Davidson.

A Senior Moment brings the modern world into what appears to be a quaint little retirement home, where Betty (Joicie Appell) and her friends Jeannie (Jeannine Hutchings) and Mary Jane (Carol Leighton) have apparently formed their own little variation of "The Golden Girls." Betty has become the proud recipient of her first cell phone and, guided by Jeannie and potential beau Ernie (Kip Niven), is learning the ins and outs of flirtation by text.

While it may sound like an insult to call a short film cute, sometimes "cute" really hits the spot and it works like a charm in this warm and fuzzy flick with a kick. The three friends are a hilarious delight, so incredibly sweet that the more their scenario plays out the funnier it gets. It works so well that you wouldn't mind seeing a few more adventures with Jeannie, Betty and Mary Jane.

The camera work by Hanuman Brown-Eagle is solid throughout, while original music by Noel Selders gives the breezy short a nice, spirited energy. Rea serves as editor for the film and, as usual, allows scenes to linger for just the right comic effect. The recently finished film should easily find a home on the indie fest circuit should Donaldson take the film that route, and it would be a perfect transition short for any festival featuring a block on senior adults or a similar theme.

For more information on SenoReality Films and A Senior Moment, visit the SenoReality Films website.

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