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Shane Millward, Adrianne Armida, Zoe Panaretos, Efkan Cetin
Matt Vella
11 Mins.

 "She's Not Your Type" Wraps Up Successful Fest Run 
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It would be hard to resist the zany antics of Adrianne Armida's Alex in writer/director Matt Vella's 11-minute comedy short She's Not Your Type, a delightfully insane little flick getting ready to wrap up its successtful festival run with a Youtube release that will hopefully send it out to the masses. 

In the film, Barry (Shane Millward) is a likable schmuck who's dragged his coupled friends Sarah (Zoe Panaretos) and Anthony (Efkan Cetin) out to a local diner so that the can meet his new girlfriend, Alex. 

Barry's a sweetheart of a guy. 

Alex? Well, sweetheart isn't the first word to come to mind. 

If you've never been in this situation, and I certainly have, there's nothing like that first time your friends meet your beloved only to discover they aren't quite as enthralled. Vella's script is filled with rapid-fire hysterics brought beautifully to life by the delightful Armida. 

Is it weird that I considered her delightful? 

Yeah, it might be. 

Armida's delightfully funny here with a physicality that emphasizes her words and the innate ability to just know when to hold on to a comedy note. While Vella's script is inherently funny, Armida wrings it for every single possible laugh. 

Millward may be a polar opposite, but he's no less engaging as Barry. 

Zoe Panaretos and Efkan Cetin are a delight as the bewildered friends who have to be wondering if this can possibly be real, while the rest of the ensemble cast keeps the pace to make this 11-minutes of pure lunacy and fun.

Helmut Uhlmann's original music helps to set the film's frenetic pace and Luke Walker's lensing makes sure we capture the film's remarkably funny physical comedy. There isn't a weak link to be found here and it's not surprising at all that this Australian-made short proved to be popular on the indie fest circuit. The film picked up the prize for Best Editing - Short Film at the 2019 Sydney Indie Film Festival and will no doubt entertain those who sit down to watch it as it arrives on Youtube. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic